Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Mom's are an amazing gift.  I know because I have one and she is amazing.  One day to celebrate Moms really isn't enough.  I am surround by incredible women who are mothers and I am blessed to share the journey of parenting with them.  There is no guidebook just the examples set before us by our own mothers and those around us.  This Mother's Day I want to thank my Mom for all of the gifts she's given me.  The gift of faith, a model for love, desire to learn, the ability to comfort, to feel compassion, to take a stand, to take chances and never give up.  My Mom has given me a lot of gifts.  She showed me how to be a woman of faith, pray and believe.  She taught me how to cook, faithfully standing in a hot kitchen summer after summer to perfect cookies or quick bread for the 4-H judges.  Cooking fearlessly, trying new recipes, baking from scratch is something I love thanks to my Mom.  Many of my favorite recipes are hers.  She sewed beautiful matching dresses for my sister and I every Easter and Christmas and tried mightily to pass on that skill.  She gardens with a green thumb passed on from her Mother and we grew up digging in the garden.  I love to plant and grow and harvest. She works harder than anyone I know or have ever known.  Her work ethic is part of my DNA although I have yet to match her pace.   She has a classic sense of style and looks half her age.  Happy Mother's Day to all of the beautiful, strong, smart, skillful, stylish women in my life - especially my Mom.  I love you. 

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