Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Opening Day

Even though it is snowing again today. Yes, believe it.  We were blessed with a beautiful spring day on Saturday for our Little League Opening Day and Parade.  We're the Durham Bulls this year and have a terrific team of boys (and parents).  You can always tell how the season is going to go based on the float building party and ours was a success.  I love baseball and love that baseball means warmer weather and outdoor cooking.  I am optimistic that the sun will come out tomorrow. So I am planning a grill dinner.  Carne Asada Fajitas using grilled strips of sirloin, grilled onions and grilled peppers.  I have yellow and red so that is what I will use. Fast, fresh and budget friendly goes well with baseball games that usually happen midweek.  This is something I can get cooked and on the table quickly after the game.  Play Ball.

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