Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Don't blink

Today my baby graduated from 5th grade elementary to 6th grade middle school. As I drove away from the elementary school for the last time picking him up at the flag pole it seemed like just yesterday I had dropped him off in his kindergarten class to begin the new chapter of his life called school. How did it go by so quickly?

He's been blessed with gifted teachers and surrounded by great friends. He's learned to read and tie his shoes and navigate the hallways without effort all things that seemed far off on his first day of school.

He leaves a confident, funny, educated young man ready for the bigger challenge and opportunities that middle school brings.

Shane your Dad and I are so proud of you. You are a good student, a good friend to others, a good athlete and sport, a gifted artist and someone we are proud to call ours. Keep working hard, keep learning, keep pushing yourself to be excellent.

Congratulations. We love you kid.

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